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First of all, thank you for visiting SNIPEHQ.CA.  Use the email form below to setup an investigation; feel free to share your ghost stories, paranormal encounters, or constructive criticisms too.  All that is greatly appreciated!  Just know, whatever you send us we may use in some way, shape, or form on this site or our Facebook page.  If you wish to remain anonymous, arrangements will be made.

If you’re setting up an investigation please include as many details as possible, including: history, experiences, feelings, etc.  If you have pictures or video – we would like a chance to analyze it.

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Six Nations
Grand River Country
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Six Nations, Grand River Country
Phone: 1 (226) 388-1253


Important: All information on SNIPEHQ.CA including but not limited to ghost hunting tips, ghost definitions, collecting ghost voices, ghost hunting conditions may be subject to significant change, or could be inaccurate for a number of reasons beyond our control.

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