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S.N.I.P.E. (SNIPE)Six Nations Investigating Paranormal Encounters – was created by two individuals who share the same passion, the same curiosity, and the same devotion to the paranormal.

Todd Thomas and Steve Hill, co-founders of SNIPE, met at work on the Six Nations Indian Reserve.  Idle conversation included ghosts, ghost hunting, paranormal, etc..  Finding it was an easy topic for them both to share thoughts and interests – the paranormal discussions became more frequent.  They discovered a desire to investigate and if possible, answer one simple three worded question, “Do ghosts exist”?  They also found a lot of other people were either skeptics, believers, or people that – just didn’t know what to believe – but, they all shared the desire to know if ghosts exist.

We formed SNIPE to pursue answers, to catch evidence of the existence of the paranormal.  To see with our own eyes a full apparition, to hear with our own ears a disembodied voice, and – to communicate in some way – with souls that have passed.

We are now joined by our family and friends who form our crew.  We all share the desire to know, we all seek answers to the same questions, and we all share the same passion.  If you’re reading this, chances are you share these desires too.  So, we here at SNIPE vow that – we will keep searching, we will keep investigating, and we will post evidence worth seeing.

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SNIPE – Six Nations Investigating Paranormal Encounters

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Six Nations, Grand River Country
Phone: 1 (226) 388-1253


Important: All information on SNIPEHQ.CA including but not limited to ghost hunting tips, ghost definitions, collecting ghost voices, ghost hunting conditions may be subject to significant change, or could be inaccurate for a number of reasons beyond our control.

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