Booga, Booga!

3 AM

I was younger when my great grandmother passed away.  I’m not sure when that was or how old I would have been but I’ll never forget it.  I was sleep in the basement and woke up suddenly at exactly 3:00 am.  My alarm clock’s big red glowing numbers made sure I’d see them.  I remember thinking, “Holy bwoot, I woke up at exactly 3:00 am.”.  I fell back asleep thinking about it.

The next day, I got up, eager to tell my mother that I woke up at exactly 3:00 am.  When I got upstairs though, I knew something was wrong.  My dad don’t cry but his eyes were red and he looked upset.  He told me my great grandmother had passed away.  But, he continued that – she passed away in her sleep at exactly 3:00 am.

In my head I’m thinking, “holy bwoot!” – I told my parents what had happened but it was shrugged off as a coincidence.

After a long day of visiting family we were brought home to go to sleep.  My father went back to spend time with his family.  I fell asleep that night thinking about 3:00 am.  What had happened?  Are we connected to our family in ways we don’t understand?  Why would I wake up at that exact moment when she passed?  Was it a coincidence?

I woke up again that night at 3:00 am.  This time it was because my room lit up as if a car was pulling into our driveway.  I bounced up on my bed to look out the basement window thinking it was my dad.  I grabbed the bottom of the window and stood on my tippy toes.  I looked outside only to see there was nothing there.  It was completely dark outside.

The hairs on my neck stood up.  It felt like a bucket of water poured over me; adrenaline filled muscles ready to fight or flight.  I was scared shitless.  The light was still in my room and I had to turn around!  I had to see what it was.  I turned around slowly, nonchalantly, I didn’t want whatever it was to know I was scared.  Sure enough I see two bright orbs about the size of softballs flowing side-by-side across the ceiling of the basement towards my bed.  It looked like car headlights.  I looked back outside to make sure there was no vehicle; there was no vehicle!  At that point, I dropped to my bed fast, pulled the covers up over my head as tight as I could, and closed my eyes shut!  I stayed like that for I don’t know how long – motionless.

A while later I had to pee.  I held it for as long as I could but I couldn’t hold it any longer.  I had to make a move.  I broke out of my barricade and ran upstairs to the bathroom.  When I was done, I was on my way back downstairs and the living room lit up; like how room lights up when a car pulls in.  I froze on the stairs but then I heard the distinctive sound of gravel under tires; it was my dads truck.  It was him for sure.

I grabbed my blanket and pillow from the basement and slept on the couch that night.  The next morning I told my parents what I went through.  This time though, instead of just brushing it off, my parents told me not to be scared.  They told me that maybe it was just my great grandma saying a last goodbye.

The end.

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